Tuesday, November 29, 2011

young love, first love

Nothing feels better than being in love---especially the first time. =)

I could only wish I'd feel the same way again. haha. Obviously, this isn't going to be my story.

Since I started living in my current apartment, I have become closer and closer with the children in the neighborhood. I am the neighborhood ate. Honestly, it's just been a year, but they seemed to be much more mature than they were when we first met. From kids, they became teenagers all of a sudden.

Martin is now in sixth grade. Two weeks ago, he's been telling me about a girl that he likes. He told me they're exchanging notes in the classroom through crumpled papers thrown at each other. Reminds me of Ana Roces and Jeffrey Santos. haha. And the first love letters I've written.

Last week, he told me that the girl sent her a text, "oo na". He was all smiles and sparkling eyes while he was talking to me. How cute. =)

Then, just this morning, Day-Day, who used to be Martin's crush, approached me and asked me, "Sinong mas maganda sa amin ni Anneth?" Oh, ok. I didn't know there's going to be a love triangle. As far as I know, she didn't like Martin before. And as far as I know, two weeks ago, they're all just children. They should be playing PC games instead of writing love letters! When Martin approached us, Day-Day left. Ooooh. Tension. Then, Martin told me that he suspects that Day-Day is jealous.

Well, I guess the kilig moments are always accompanied by selos moments. I just wish their first love wouldn't be as painful as that of the others. =)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


When have we stopped being nomads and started building villages? Surely, I have studied that in elementary, and perhaps at that point, I thought it was progress.

Now, I kinda like the idea of being a nomad...of moving from one place to another. I know there wouldn't be law education there, but I sure will learn a lot. And I don't have to go alone; my family would move with me. We'd only stop for our motorhome repair or to join a fancy festival. At least now, we're "civilized" and have agreed to some natural or common law, so perhaps there wouldn't be that much animosity toward strangers over territory.

What if I belonged to a family of gypsies? We'd be constantly traveling, and exploring, and wandering. We wouldn't have much, but we would never want more. We wouldn't have many friends, but we'd be so, so much closer with each other.

And if I want to be a wanderer, I'd have to do it sooner. I think, as one ages, one clamors for stability and certainty. And that, friends, is coming after me.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

everything for love

It was my cousin's wedding yesterday. It was such a beautiful, beautiful wedding, held at Le Jardin Rosella, Tagaytay. Everything was just so organized, and they got only the best videographers, caterers, and florists. And oh, the place, and the atmosphere, was perfect for a such a romantic event.

And we almost missed the event. Months before, my mom was already informed of the wedding. Although she wont admit it, she was really excited. It has been a long time since she has been with relatives from her mother's side. And the clincher, she likes attending formal gatherings. She just enjoys that coat-and-tie-and-evening-gowns-only event, whereas I would evade it if I can. We fitted our old gowns and bought a gift last week, but mom's mind was preparing for it since she knew of the wedding haha.

Yesterday, we left the house at 2 p.m. After 15 minutes of travel, the car was already overheating. It was near a gas station with a service bay area, so we had it checked there. After about an hour, while my mother was throwing tantrums every 5 minutes or so, the mechanic declared that the car cannot be fixed within the day as parts need to be purchased first. At this point, mom was irritated with every person she sees (still the effect of cancer? haha), including dad and me. She wanted to take a taxi to Tagaytay, dad already talked to a taxi in the area, but I opposed the idea. I don't want to pay too much just to get there!! (kuripot ako!). At least I persuaded them to bring the car home first. On the way back, we found a Rapide branch. Mom's eye lighted up a little, but we got the same answer. So she was blaming dad for not knowing that the car would overheat (really!). I was already in a bad mood because she asked me to absent from school for this, and it seemed it was for nothing. Dad was already irritated for mom's incessant blaming.

I was already convinced that we should not go there when we got home. As for the gift we bought, well, we'd just send it to my cousin after a year as an anniversary gift for her. haha. It's too much of a hassle, and after all, we are already 2 hours late from our schedule. But I saw that mom really wanted to go, and I realized she needed to go to these events and have fun, after suffering severe depression for months. Dad perhaps also thought of the same, and before I knew it, dad already found a taxi. In the end, we went there riding a taxi. Fortunately, the taxi driver was a very kind Negrense in his 20s who was as excited as mom was to go to Tagaytay, being his first time.

We arrived at the reception just in time for the main course. Perfect! In the end, though I wont admit it outright, I had a wonderful time as much as my mom did, if not more. =)

The only setback was that everybody was asking me when I would be married. haha.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

telling a story

I am staring at this monitor for hours already. I have to write something. I thought of halloween, of the end of sembreak, of the coming Christmas, of chiropractor jobs, of the three books I recently read, or of the sickening uneasiness I am feeling.

The truth is I am thinking of so many things right now. I actually have so many things to write about. I have watched movies in the past days much more than I did during the last semester. Damn. I miss "reviewing" movies. Real Steel is a good one.

I wish I could tell a good story right now. There is a good story around me somewhere, I suppose. I just can't find it. Of course, I could speak of depressions and heartaches, but nobody really wants to read that, unless it's told by Nicholas Spark. I like sad endings. That's why I love Cruel Intentions so much. It has a fitting ending, one that strikes the emotions, and one probably more real than fiction---the sad ending, that is.

I fear for the consequences of the past. And I wish I could take a sneak peak in the future. Though recently, I have been thinking it is how it should be. No clues of tomorrow. I mean, do you really want to know?

Will is such a strong concept. I think I have a strong one of that. But so is destiny. And in that, I am clueless.

And oh, there's a book edited by Neil Gaiman I saw at Fully Booked. I wish I could have that right now. I'll bury myself in that book the whole day today, if I could. Maybe after that, I could already tell you a good story. Or tell you a story in a good way.