Monday, October 1, 2012

why i love sotto

They say there should always be attribution. If we do that, all those singing Magkaisa, Balatkayo and songs of VST & Co.,, when they don't say they are the composer, we can charge them with plagiarism if we follow what critics say. - Sen. Vicente Sotto III,,-backs-blogging-bill
Sotto's defense so far:


And of course we all know they REALLY COPIED the blog without any attribution and even denied that they did that. When they can't deny anymore that they copied the blog, he says:

1.    His staff tried to click the link but it failed to download.
2.    They cannot access the original so they think "copying" the blog which quoted the book they were trying to access is ok.
3.    Plagiarism is not a crime here in the Philippines, so, there's nothing really wrong with what he did.

Kill me now, please. Wait -- I think it's a crime to kill me even if I beg for it. If it's not a law here in the Philippines, maybe it's OK to kill me. I'll sign a waiver.

Or wake me up when 2013 election is over... and I hope by that time, we'll have a new set better public servants.

On a more serious note: Sotto's staff really need to wake up. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if they mentioned some gibberish like "pro tools hd musicians friend" and pretend as if they researched it and it's actually their own idea. Tsk tsk tsk…

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