Monday, January 31, 2011

when you believe

It was around June when my mother first had her chemotherapy session. Probably due to her scared mind and weak body, she suffered during that first one. We had to rush her to the hospital some days after that. She was so afraid then; so were we.

This week, my mother will have her 8th and last chemo. The chemos in between were also physically hard for her, the anxiety and fear never really left her, but she faced them with more resolve and courage.

My father was instrumental that she reached this point. He has always, always, been there for her. He would understand her tantrums and cries of desperation and paranoia when most of us would lose patience. He would memorize all her medicines and their dosages and administration. He seemed like an expert in cancer already. He is a natural in taking care of people and perfectly fit for those healthcare industry jobs, at least for my mom's needs. He disregarded, well, postponed, his own health concerns just to take care of her.

Now, my mother's a little more hopeful with her condition. I am very positive she'll live a long life after this ordeal. I guess things happen when you believe.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

going for gold

I will attempt to run 10 kilometers. Why? Just to see if I could do it. Why? Because I'm desperate. haha.

Our school will be having a fun run for the benefit of a foundation. One of the professors invited us and promised additional points in the final grade: 1 for 1K, 3 for 5K, and 5 for 10k. And because I had a very poor, unprepared recitation in his class, not to mention he hates our section (our mistake!), I will go for 10K. No need for diet pills for women. I surely would shed pounds and beat eks in our bet!

The problem is I have never had physical exercise for years already. I am so lazy I would not walk 2 floors down, though I am terribly hungry. Neither have I the time to practice for this run---not even a day. So I guess I just have to run and go for gold, wishing my determination, and desperation, will suffice. =)

goodbye, bamboo

Back in high school, my conservative, snobbish, but crush ng bayan friend had an eye for only one guy---Bamboo. Now a doctor, she's still a fan (though she now has a boyfriend).

So many women drool over him, probably because of his suplado countenance. Some girls my age then actually wanted to try the best diet pills for women, if only to impress Bamboo when they see him up close. He was a fad.

He was still the frontman of Rivermaya then. Eventually, he formed a new band, named after the plant (or after his name), Bamboo. I was never really a fan of that band, but admittedly, they made some good music. And it's a bit sad that they're now saying goodbye. Yes, they are.

A quote from his farewell message: We've learned that this journey is not only about us but includes all who came along for the trip. Family, friends and of course front row believers who were there for the best reason of all. To simply listen.

changing seasons

Life cannot be all about fun. I've had my happy times the weeks past, especially during the holidays. School and work had been set aside, and it had been generally a happy, relaxed holidays.

Next week is already midterms weeks. I would have to bury myself with my books and hope to learn them well, not just for the exams but for my career as a lawyer (dear Lord, help me be one!). There all those rituals I have to have during that week (bacchus, coffee, band-aid,etc.). I need my prayer warriors help. I'm truly scared to enter the midterms week, especially in 2 subjects, but I must remember, after the rainy season, there's summer again.

Monday, January 3, 2011

wrapping up

until next year...

How quick Christmas comes. How quick Christmas goes.

Yesterday, Santa moved to a room in the house and prepared for his long slumber until another December, together with all those red and golden balls, little reindeer, and little stars. The karaoke that played lively, loud music during the holidays now rests mute in my room. The tupperwares are now empty of spaghetti, ham, and salad. Our Christmas home is now quiet, the children running around the house are now tucked in school, while I am now miles away. The little girl in the photo will leave on a plane 7 days from now. It will be another year before all these come together again. That little girl might be 2 inches taller then.

It's a bit sad, but I would just remember how quick Christmas comes. :)