Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google, Paris Hilton, Boy Abunda, and other stuff

By tomorrow, Mordsith will be about halfway her midterms. (Let it be known, by the way, that she is really "uncontactable" -- hehehe -- at this point. Really.) I am sure she's so dead-tired during this part of the day (well, night).*

Na-miss ko naman bigla ang kaibigan kong ito... :-(

You see, usually after her classes, we talk about different stuff -- from Baron Geisler's superb acting skills (hehehe), latest scientific breakthrough, why the Chinese are wrong about their contention that time traveling is not possible, to why Apalit, Pampanga is the next big thing in the history of the Philippines (sorry, Mordsith, just prove me wrong once you have the time to go online again). Now, because of her exams and her preparations for this, I am left with no one but my dear friend, Blogger, to talk to. Hehehe. Drama.

Mordsith, in case you'll pass by your blog anytime today, I have some news for you:
  • Google acquired Motorola
  • Paris Hilton is in town. And I heard she lost her phones her in Manila...?
  • Koko is now a senator.
  • Boy is being eyed to be the next DOT secretary.
Goodluck!!! :-)

*Hayyyy... If only our bodies are like hp batteries that can be plugged in to a wall socket for immediate recharge...

Friday, August 12, 2011

The caretaker is back

Note: This is yet again another guest post.

Next week will be Mordsith's midterm exams. (That was fast! Yesterday, it was just her first day in class, right?) She's been busy since last week studying. But because she finds it irresponsible to leave this blog unattended, I am once again taking over this domain. And for the next few posts (I have this feeling it won't be that many anyway), I will be sharing with you some stuff about me and the upcoming event that I'll be attending next week. Any idea what the event is? Remember this post? We'll it's happening next week. My french is still rusty, but I guess I can say "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?" with ease. I just wish I won't get kicked in the a55 by the organizers/guards once I attempt to do just that. So, there.

Anyway, for now, I think I should just wish Mordsith goodluck to all her exams. I know she can do this.

And Mordsith, just keep up the goodwork, and I'll buy you that Adirondack chair I saw online (see above). You can sit on it, relax as if you're watching a movie, and review for you class (oh, good luck to you if you can even read while sitting on the chair!). I'm sure you'll love it.

This is the caretaker, Eks, signing in for Mordsith. Have a great weekend everyone!