Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happiness is...

  • the smell of pancit canton with boiled egg on top
  • the smell of coffee prepared by my father first thing in the morning
  • the smell of sinigang na sugpo cooked to perfection by my mother
  • the natural fragrance of my niece embracing me tight

  • the delicious taste of home-cooked food after a month of eating at the office canteen
  • the cheesiness of Potato Corner melting in my mouth
  • the sourness of green Indian mangoes harvested from our backyard neutralized by the saltiness of home-cooked bagoong
  • the tasty isaw from UP Diliman

  • the smoothness of my old, favorite blanket comforting me from the cold
  • the touch of Casper's furs in my hands and legs
  • the kisses of my cousins when we part
  • the hands of a loved one holding mine

  • the gushing of the wind on my face while on a roller-coaster ride
  • the cold air on my face at the 61st floor of Macau tower
  • the strong waves of the sea shooing me to the shore while I keep on swimming
  • the mild splash of the water just above my ankles while walking barefoot on the shore

  • the sound of the ringing bell of the ice cream vendor passing on our street
  • the sound of a favorite old song played on the radio
  • the voice of Eric singing happily to me over the phone even when he's confined
  • the song of lola humming her grandchildren to sleep
  • the giggles and laughters of carefree children playing in the house
  • the melodic sound of rustling of the leaves and birds chirping on a quiet afternoon while lying on the terrace
  • the silence of the night calming me to sleep tight

Hola! Thanks to little miss firefly's generous giveaway, I have a positive tone on my first post here. I tend to have seemingly melancholic tone, but doing “happy” posts feel better. Although the theme is quite encouraging, the prizes to be won added a little (read: big) push. haha.

To be contented is to be happy. To search is to be happy. To have a purpose is to be happy. Whatever it is, do it and be happy. Mundane things, gifts of nature. Fly. Fly high. Be happy.