Saturday, February 25, 2012

fallacy of the golden past

I went to UP Fair this year, after being absent for several years. There were obvious differences between the fair when I was in college and the fair now. For starters, the camera and the big screens were high-tech already. Before, the camera was manned by a person sitting on top of a makeshift tower. Now, the camera is similar to those used in concert venues. Asensado na ang UP!

But the thing I have realized is that I and my contemporaries are sooo behind with regard to the latest songs. We still like the alternative, punk, and rock genres, but the songs we know are limited from the 1990s to early 2000s. We're stuck in our time. haha. When the rock bands were performing on stage, the crowd was loud, singing along with the bands. We, on the other hand, were dumbfounded on the songs. We don't know a single line! It's like our national anthem was changed, only we don't know about it. haha.

During videoke nights with my law school classmates, who are several years younger than me, I'd always sing my favorite videoke pieces (the few that "suit" my voice): torn, kiss me, manila girl, every little thing (police's version), one of us, teenaged dirtbag, and Alanis' songs. I noticed that most of my classmates could not relate. haha. (Actually I don't care. I just want to sing with my monotonous tone!)

Last month, my teenaged cousin asked my mom to buy a certain microphone for him. It's a 5,000-peso so mic, and I haven't got a clue on what it can do. He also has several guitars and peavey 6505, none of which I know the functions of. Iba na talaga ang tumatanda.

My ignorance to newer good songs and rising bands is the fault if NU107.5 (the best rock station this country has known) closing down. OR maybe I am stuck in my generation, feeling that all things beautiful and all sounds great came from my time and the time before it. haha. I never thought I'd fall for the fallacy of the golden past.

Well, at least I realize it now. I just have to listen ( so NU, please come back!) to appreciate. Aba, mahirap ng mapag-iwanan ng panahon. =)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

nonchalance and indifference

I think I have stopped (seriously) writing on this and my other blog because I have stopped wanting to confront (serious) things. I think one comes to a point when you just don't wanna struggle and let things be, or let things pass, or let things resolve themselves. Sometimes you just stop arranging the perpetual mess in your closet or computer cabinet because it never stops to be messy, with fault not yours alone. And believe me, I don't perceive this as negative.

But this nonchalant behavior works only on constant pressures and permanent problems in my life. It doesn't work when something big just blows up---something I wish had NEVER happened at all, and something I have never wanted to confront. It also doesn't work when unexpectedly, when you are keeping your cool and trying to be positive, someone puts you in rage (and of course, only someone so close to you can elicit such strong emotion). And this is what is negative---my tendency to totally shut out a person in my life as if such person does not exist at all, my impenetrable indifference.