Sunday, July 17, 2011

the plight of the farmers

I was talking to a parlorista yesterday who works for the parlor walking distance from my place. I grew fond of him because he's a kababayan and he's about the same age as my college cousin Ian. Also, he's very hardworking. He stays in the parlor from morning until it closes, and he's seldom absent, whereas all the other parloristas are. He's always the one to attend first to customers, though most customers always ask for him. The others slouch around in the sofa watching TV or chatting with each other, not minding the customers coming in.

Anyway, he told me their ricefield in Nueva Ecija was flooded due to the rains the past weeks. While most of us are wishing for a colder weather, I guess this seemingly outdoor firepit weather would be better for them. No more continuous heavy rains please. In Metro Manila, we worry about floods, and we should. There, they worry about their livelihood.

This parlorista's very sad, telling me he's spent so much money already for the punla. He said when he went home last week to their hometown, he visited the ricefields first, before going to their house. The tone of sadness was apparent in his voice, and the misery was apparent in his eyes.

I really felt sad for him. I know how hard he's been working. I've always empathized with the farmers, knowing personally some farmers myself. Theirs was a difficult life. They only earn seasonally, with a whole year of hard work. Their problem is not only money, even the weather too. It's force majeure. I have always yearned to help them, even for just a little. Maybe in time, I can.

on being a good consumer

Thanks to eks for doing the post below. Though I'm not sure he's right that I wouldn't do a post as cheesy as the one he did below. I'm not that cold-hearted, you know. haha.

And also thanks to eks, I was able to replace my old laptop. He helped me to look for the best laptop computers at the source of all computer brands. Where else, but in Gilmore. hehe. We checked every shop there, and I'm satisfied with the one I got. After 2 days of canvassing, I'm proud to say, I taught him how to be a good consumer.

I am never an impulsive buyer. I never buy things that I just like. If buying something is not planned, I have to really like it to buy it. Hindi pwede ang pwede na. Or it must have been a really good deal. At times though, it seems I'm depriving myself. But I just couldn't take buying, knowing I could find something better elsewhere, or cheaper. I guess the keyword is options. You always have to look for options.

Of course, there's always a limit to being choosy. It's called practicality. It's about weighing the circumstances. In everything, there must always be a balance. =)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

...and i will do anything for love*

What will you do when you love someone so much yet you know it's almost impossible for the two of you to be together? You see, I am so inlove with this person but I really don't know how I should say it. I mean, first, she's so beautiful and talented, and I -- on the other hand -- well, I am on the other side of the spectrum. (I guess the song is correct: Maybe sometimes love just ain't enough.)

But I guess I need to try. I believe I have mustered enough strength inside to let her know that I can be with her when she needs my support. That I can leave the life that I have when that moment comes. And I want all of you to know that I will try my best to get her attention… and hopefully more than that.

On August 19, after I take some French lessons, an effective exercise regimen, and probably a diet pill that works, I will see her. Mark that date, guys.

O, please check this pic so you know who I'm talking about.

*And you actually thought Mordsith will make a post like this? Hehehe. This is Eks, guest-posting for Mordsith. :-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

ice breaker

So right now, I still haven't adjusted to my law school-work at home life. I still haven't figured out the best time to work (after or before school) and study. I still get desperate over lack of time and get seriously affected over a bad recitation. But I am still hoping that I could eventually figure an effective time management, though I know it won't be as easy as getting cable management or refraining from watching anime. But eventually.


Anyway, over the entire week, there's one thing that made me laugh. There is an irregular student who's my classmate in 2 subjects. In these two subjects, we sat beside each other. She always talks to me, and my general impression is she's very nice. She's already 30-ish and told me she already has 2 kids. She's working for the school paper and part-time in Congress, so I realized an opportunity to offer her a freelance job. I thought she might need it. She said she'll try.

Thereafter, she was called for a recitation. The professor recognized her and said, "Your husband is a congressman, right?" Wow. I am offering a freelance job to a congressman's wife. hehe. And by the way, that congressman is pretty famous; he's always on TV. I just couldn't help but laugh at myself. =)

When she sat down, I asked her number. I told her I'll just text her when the materials have been sent to her e-mail. Paninindigan ko na to! haha.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

all is well

I called up eks and asked, "submit ko na ba?" I was referring to my resignation letter. He said, "submit mo na." And I hit the sent button.

It took me months of mentally preparing myself of sending the e-mail. It took me a lot of rereading to make sure the letter would be received well. I don't wanna burn bridges, ika nga. And it took me one go signal from an ever-trusted friend to finally send it.

As I was hoping, I did not hear a single negative comment from my bosses in the States, considering I submitted an effective-immediately resignation. They wished me well, offered me a recommendation letter if I need it, and expressed sadness that I was leaving. I also feel sad too, but grateful that I've actually worked with compassionate bosses and a bunch of unbelievably nice people.

I know eks would always be there to help me. I trust him with my life. Pardon for being mushy here, but I am just thankful that in times of uncertainties, there are people who give you a sense of security. (Hey eks, you are that to me! wehehehe nambola pa ko... joke!) I also have friends assuring help (or alleviating my fears); I can always count on them. These past months, it seemed I always send an SOS. hehe. Thank you, thank you.

I was scared of instability. Making myself laugh, I even thought of mowing neighbor's lawns with ariens mowers, just like that of kids in the States. haha. It was a silly thought! But I guess when a door closes, another one opens. For me, doors opened for several freelance works. Unexpectedly, one by one, they materialized, just a week when I was about to resign and wasn't really looking yet. It must have been a sign to go ahead.

Of course, I still have to work, but at least I have more flexible time schedule to attend to law school. Perhaps I can even earn the same net as I have been earning. All in all, I think all is well.