Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happiness is...

  • the smell of pancit canton with boiled egg on top
  • the smell of coffee prepared by my father first thing in the morning
  • the smell of sinigang na sugpo cooked to perfection by my mother
  • the natural fragrance of my niece embracing me tight

  • the delicious taste of home-cooked food after a month of eating at the office canteen
  • the cheesiness of Potato Corner melting in my mouth
  • the sourness of green Indian mangoes harvested from our backyard neutralized by the saltiness of home-cooked bagoong
  • the tasty isaw from UP Diliman

  • the smoothness of my old, favorite blanket comforting me from the cold
  • the touch of Casper's furs in my hands and legs
  • the kisses of my cousins when we part
  • the hands of a loved one holding mine

  • the gushing of the wind on my face while on a roller-coaster ride
  • the cold air on my face at the 61st floor of Macau tower
  • the strong waves of the sea shooing me to the shore while I keep on swimming
  • the mild splash of the water just above my ankles while walking barefoot on the shore

  • the sound of the ringing bell of the ice cream vendor passing on our street
  • the sound of a favorite old song played on the radio
  • the voice of Eric singing happily to me over the phone even when he's confined
  • the song of lola humming her grandchildren to sleep
  • the giggles and laughters of carefree children playing in the house
  • the melodic sound of rustling of the leaves and birds chirping on a quiet afternoon while lying on the terrace
  • the silence of the night calming me to sleep tight

Hola! Thanks to little miss firefly's generous giveaway, I have a positive tone on my first post here. I tend to have seemingly melancholic tone, but doing “happy” posts feel better. Although the theme is quite encouraging, the prizes to be won added a little (read: big) push. haha.

To be contented is to be happy. To search is to be happy. To have a purpose is to be happy. Whatever it is, do it and be happy. Mundane things, gifts of nature. Fly. Fly high. Be happy.


e[k]stranghero said...

dahil sa post na ito, nagutom ako! pancit canton! (wait, will ask my mom to cook 3 packs plus 2 boiled eggs, woohoo!)

i love this post. of all your posts, i think. really. the tone/mood of happiness probably. i wish you'd write more of this, mordsith. makes me happy, too. :-)

ms firefly said...

thanks for joining mordsith!
great list, i was smiling all the way through as i know the feelings all too well. but mentioning manggang hilaw with bagoong is mean, just mean. hehe

i'll link you up now, and congratulations on the new home! in no time it'll be warm and comfy here, when friends start pouring in. ^-^

Kayni said...

great post to start with your new home. i like it =). i'll link this new home to my blog.

kg said...

at sino yung neice na yun ha? he! he!

anyway, buti naman at natuloy na rin ito! :) and i like the color ha! :) good luck!

Rico said...

Uso talaga mga bagong bahay ah!
No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

zarine said...

love the pink! it radiates ... uhm ... happiness? :)

sheng said...

visited you here mordsith, did you get the mags?

jeanny said...

Bagong lipat din. :0

pancit canton with egg made me smile too (and hungry as well)

Updated ko na blogroll ko!

JETTY said...

the smell of sinigang na sugpo cooked to perfection by my mother ( I wonder when can I perfect mine? Just so you know it always ends up overcooked :( )
The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.
Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open. (So True):)

mordsith said...

[eks] haha. i wish i could write more posts like these, too. :)

[odette] you're welcome, and thanks also to your brilliant contest! made me smile.:)

[kayni] i have no plans yet of "activating" this blog, but odette's contest made me do it. blame her. haha. :)

mordsith said...

[kg] my beloved Keng! buti naman approved sayo ang kulay. ;)

[rico] oo nga e. kakainis kasi yung

[zarine] i'm gald you like it. )

mordsith said...

[sheng] thanks for visiting. maybe i'll receive the mags soon. :)

[jeanny] ang sarap talaga nun, no!

[jetty] they said, practice makes me perfect. and when you do, sana matikman ko! :)

kaka said...

sabi ko na nga ba eh!

good move. sayang lahat mga superb artiks (naks!) mo sa kung tuluyan itong mawawala.

ang cute ng kulay ng bago mong bahay. iba talaga ang impluwensya ng iyong seatmate... ang lakas... hehe

sunny said...

alright! the simple things in life! hmmm ano pa ba? saken the comfort of silence! heheheheeh! take care amgigo!