Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Impossible is Manny

A friend said that if you are a Filipino AND a blogger, you need to make a mandatory congratulatory post to Manny Pacquiao... haha. I also admire his skills, anyway, so here's my mandatory post. =)

Congratulations, Pacman! And thank you for, more than anything else, being an inspiration. Truly, like what Adidas said, impossible is nothing. (Manny said: Just do it! LOL)

Photo from the web

Out of all the pictures I can find, I like this best. Of course, we should also recognize the man behind his success--coach Freddie Roach. Ultimately, I like this picture best because it makes Manny looks like an actor in a photo shoot, and Manny likes showbiz. =)

Like Mommy D, I also hope he retires already. He has achieved so much, it scares me if he loses one fight. But of course, whatever he likes!

(In his fight with Margarito, the Mexican was beaten badly, he needed to undergo facial surgery, not just to have an acne treatment, but to fixed a broken orbital bone!)

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witsandnuts said...

Ganun ba, I haven't done the mandatory congratulatory post yet. Hahaha. But his compassion about his competitors is really admirable.

I hope, too, that he retires already.