Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In the second floor of my apartment, there lives a 4-year-old girl whom I absolutely adore. She reminds me of my niece keng, who is about her age. And perhaps even more, she reminds me of myself.

When I was little, it was my dad who stays at home and takes care of me. He prepares my breakfast, takes me to school, and brings me home from school. He practically spends the whole day with me. That is the same way with Gabbie now.

At times, Gabbie would stay with me after she comes home from school. She would even eat lunch with me, leaving her father alone upstairs. I wonder why she wants to spend time here, although I have no preschool playground equipment here. I guess she just loves talking with others (her parents don't allow to play her in the streets, unlike the other kids in the neighborhood). She is particularly sweet (one time she asked her mom to buy pasalubong for me!). And she is absolutely brilliant. Hence,

And I am again, another proud Ate. Congrats, Gabbie! =)

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