Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google, Paris Hilton, Boy Abunda, and other stuff

By tomorrow, Mordsith will be about halfway her midterms. (Let it be known, by the way, that she is really "uncontactable" -- hehehe -- at this point. Really.) I am sure she's so dead-tired during this part of the day (well, night).*

Na-miss ko naman bigla ang kaibigan kong ito... :-(

You see, usually after her classes, we talk about different stuff -- from Baron Geisler's superb acting skills (hehehe), latest scientific breakthrough, why the Chinese are wrong about their contention that time traveling is not possible, to why Apalit, Pampanga is the next big thing in the history of the Philippines (sorry, Mordsith, just prove me wrong once you have the time to go online again). Now, because of her exams and her preparations for this, I am left with no one but my dear friend, Blogger, to talk to. Hehehe. Drama.

Mordsith, in case you'll pass by your blog anytime today, I have some news for you:
  • Google acquired Motorola
  • Paris Hilton is in town. And I heard she lost her phones her in Manila...?
  • Koko is now a senator.
  • Boy is being eyed to be the next DOT secretary.
Goodluck!!! :-)

*Hayyyy... If only our bodies are like hp batteries that can be plugged in to a wall socket for immediate recharge...

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docgelo said...

wow, thanks for this post, i was updated with the latest in pinas.

ps: bakit nga ba apalit, pampanga is the next big thing in history?