Friday, June 18, 2010

SeaWorld, San Diego

Where can you look a shark in the eye and live to tell the tale?
My first stop (except for window shopping in outlet stores) in the US is in SeaWorld, San Diego. The place showcases aquatic shows and park rides, and you get to see our under-the-sea friends up close. Of course, I enjoy this kind of place, especially that I adore the water.

The park is famous for Shamu, the performing killer whale. Well, the original Shamu died in 1971, but the name has been continuously used for the killer whales performing in SeaWorld. My thoughts are, how do you train a killer whale? I thought only dolphins can be trained. Obviously, I was wrong. Shamu is known for "splashing" water to the audience. In fact, the audience is always asking for it. :)

The following are some of Shamu's pictures amazing the audience of his skills and "flying" abilities:

SeaWorld also has Sea Lions LIVE, where, well, sea lions perform, with very good comic with the trainers. I particularly enjoyed the ball relay. Even I, with two hands, could drop that ball!

There are other amazing shows like Pets Rule (starring dogs) and Cirque de la Mer) and spots (like giant aquariums, penguin houses, turtle ponds, flamingo areas) to visit in SeaWorld. Observing the movements, or lack of it, of various aquatic species is a learning experience, especially when you only see them on TV. I especially like the penguins. I hope someday I could touch one, but not the sharks. :)

My cousin and I were there for a whole day. After all the watching and walking, we were dead tired when we got home. No more jetlag and no more natural sleeping pills for me. In my dreams, I took Shamu with me. :)


jeanny said...

wow galing ni shamu ha..impressive :)

Welcome back mords!

kg said...

ang ganda ganda! naku, magugustuhan yan ni wendy!

next time tayong 2 naman magkasama ha!@ he he!

grachie said...

ang ganda! gusto ko din pumunta dito!!!
I'm glad you had this trip. Next time magsabi ka ha, para makapaglista ako ng pabibili ko syo! hehehe!