Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Heaven, San Diego

This was exactly howI felt when my uncle took me and my sister-in-law took us to a strawberry farm. My heaven, of course, was full of big, red, sweet strawberries!

My uncle got me a big bucket to fill and a small one for my sister-in-law. He told me, magsawa ka na sa strawberries dito, bihira yan sa Pilipinas. I was so thankful to him. I could have hugged him if only he wasn't the typical strict elder type. haha. I love strawberries. I always get the strawberry flavor in Big Chill, or in anything which has a strawberry flavor! The sourness and sweetness of this red delight is just perfect!

Before I came to this farm, I had no idea how strawberries grow. I thought they grew like grape vines, but they don't. In fact, a strawberry farm looks just like this:

my cousin-in-law geng

I went to the farthest rows so I could get the biggest strawberries (so my uncle could not see me haha). And it took me about 3 hours to fill my buck, which is just about twice as big as my cousin-in-law was holding above. I wanted to make sure I get the biggest, reddest that I could get. Besides, I was eating while strawberry picking. They are just delicious, and, as far as my tongue says, they taste better (and more fresh) than the ones here in our country. Maybe it's because of the weather.

So when picking a strawberry, you really have to bend down. I, on the other hand, was squatting on the soil. I was meticulous in my picks. :) I thought strawberries only grew up as red; I didn't know they start as whitish. And they also have different shapes!

these are small ones; the big ones were already eaten---by me!

While we were there, there were also grade schoolers on a field trip. They were all running around the strawberry field, and it was fun to watch them. They often shout, "Hey, look what I got!" "Boy, that's big!" And when a little boy passed by my row and saw my bucket, he said. "Whoaaah! That's many!" haha. I couldn't help but laugh. He was right, actually. My bucket was overflowing with strawberries! Those were the rare times I could arrange things properly. haha.

But the sight of a baby undisturbed and fascinated about the these red fruits was worthy of postcard printing!

And this little blond girl with rosy red cheeks was the cutest strawberry of 'em all!


kg said...

kamukha mo pinsan mo. :)

anyway, tama ka....that baby is the cutest strawberry in that whole strawberry farm! :) cute!

witsandnuts said...

I have never been to a strawberry farm. Only got the idea when I planted strawberries through Farm Town (thanks to FB haha). =)

mishi said...

wow! I remember the experience we've had strawberry farming sa La Trinidad, Benguet (the nearest). You sure had fun! :)

Vlado&Toni said...

yum... yummy strawberries indeed, makes my mouth water ...hmmm.

nice to know you ..thanks for visiting my blog :) come again some time.