Wednesday, October 19, 2011

back in the game

Finally, I'm back to sweating!

It's not really a regular thing yet, but I try to do it once a week for weeks now. What is? Tennis! I've practically been planning to go back to tennis for years already. The only thing that's keeping me is that playing tennis is normally too pricey, considering the court rental, the trainer, the ball boy, and the equipment (and I don't have someone to play with!)

Lucky for me, there's a tennis court near my place, and they barely charge you for renting the court! I also got someone to train me again, since it's been a decade since I last played. hehe. And since he's only a varsity student from a state university nearby, he only charges only half as much as the other professional trainers do. And he's pretty nice too. He calls me "ate" all the time. haha. Plus, I only have to walk to the court. =)

For now, since I am a non-member at the court, I can only play at 6 am. That's fine with me, since this recent semester, I have to start studying early anyway, plus it's not too hot. They're yet to see if I "deserve" to be a member. Maybe if that happens, I could already play with the players in the court (meaning less expense on trainer!). For now, I am enjoying all the body pains I get every after game. I am not as fast or energetic as I used to be, but I enjoy the feeling that I am running again. =)

You can video download from youtube my games. Kiddin! Even my dad gets bored when he watches, although I already feel like a pro! =)


kayni said...

i don't like tennis. when i hit the ball, it goes over the fence and i get tired walking and picking it up.

eks said...

i'm about to start my bike training next week, then, jogging. once i'm physically fit already, papatulan kita sa tennis court!

you're going down! hehehe. ay, peace pala! pahiram ng raketa. :-)

Angeli said...

wow. great to hear that, mordsith. :)