Friday, October 21, 2011

little miss entrepreneur

I think some people just have the innate business talent. Admittedly, I don't have it, although I am not afraid to try. Some people can just cook up the most creative ideas, the advertising magnets, and the overall concept. I have a friend who earns just by speaking; people pay to hear him speak. Ang galing. Another friend just starts a business, and let other people do the rest, earning income doing nothing. Some people sell their hand-made creations for their cyber Monday sale, or make a living buying and selling.

I've tried buying and selling, though I hadn't been successful. I was inspired by kuyang, who has tripled his capital in less than a year by trading cars. He has the necessary elements needed: he's a car expert, he has capital, and he knows how to bargain. I have crosses on all three. haha.

Anyway, recently, a friend has started a Japanese food cart business, and she has been very successful. She offers delicious Japanese meals adjusted to Filipino taste buds at a very affordable price, ranging from P35 to P65. I've already tried the meals, and I approve of them, especially that it comes with a lot of rice. Nakakabusog talaga! Right now, she has franchised about 30 already. And I'm thinking I could franchise another one. I hope this pushes through. =)


eks said...

go go go!

docgelo said...

good luck on the business!
panalo iyan kasi food!
saan ang stall nyo? hindi nangangako pero baka sakali lang makadaan matapos ang pasko...:)

ps : i love japanese food, fyi!