Thursday, March 8, 2012


Aaron was the boy whom my mom met, and came to love, during her month-long radiation at Medical City. He had brain cancer, stage 4, but he was still a 10-year-old boy who played with toy guns.

His radiation treatment was funded by PCSO. He was a PGH patient, but it was Medical City which has radiation facilities. Although his daily radiation session was paid by the government, the travel expenses and the medicines were not. He and his ate traveled every day from Bulacan to Manila, although there were days when they missed radiation sessions for they did not have money to pay the bus.

It's a good thing that, among his "classmates" at radiation, there were kind souls. Growing fond of the boy, and having sympathy at his "poor" life, some contributed money while some gave him clothes. He was especially happy about the baseball cap and the new shirt he got one time; he wore those a lot. At this juncture, I would like to thank my friends who contributed money to help Aaron's treatment. His family was most grateful to all your help. His mother said, "salamat sa inyo, kahit hindi niyo kami kadugo."

After radiation, it was a miracle that the tumors in his brain dissipated. I believed it was a miracle, as even at the start, the doctors were not so hopeful he would get well. So he bid goodbye to Medical City and continued his checkups at PGH.

Sometimes, Aaron would call my mom, tell her not to worry about him, and that she should herself get well. He even invited me to a procession in Bulacan as he was a part of it. I said I could not come but that I am happy he's strong now.

Then, there came news from his family that his health was plummeting. Doctors said he should undergo chemo, but in the end, his family decided not to for various reasons. I wanted to help and decided that once I earn from my food business, I'd share some with him, if only to help him ease his chronic headache. Unfortunately, though, until now, I have very poor sales, mostly because of wrong location.

Now, his ate just called, crying. Aaron left already.

Nothing is as fleeting as the life of a child taken away. This is just plain sad.


kayni said...

such a brave my experience, facing death due to a disease is frightening and enlightening. it's an irony.

eks said...

nakakalungkot... alala ko pa na kinukuwento mo siya noon. :-(