Wednesday, February 13, 2013

blind curve

i wrote the following list a couple of years back. and looking at it, i realized that the some predicaments don't really disappear that easily


I’ve been thinking of so many things this first week of classes. Perhaps this is the blind curve before the turning point.
  • I should resign this week (or early next week).
  • Should I say good bye to people in the office? My initial-but-being-swayed plan is to just disappear.
  • Which is more stressful? Always looking for work or always looking for time?
  • I want to live by the lake, like those photos in kayni’s blog. I wonder if there are affordable lakefront communities in Luzon.
  • When will that darn condo unit reopen?
  • I miss my school buddies who transferred.
  • I hope to survive this semester (especially taxation and civil procedure) and not be the weakest link in the class.
  • Two out of three professors who almost caused me a heart attack are my professors again. Funny.
  • And why the hell do I always get called, unprepared, on the first day of class?


if only life is as simple as deciding whether to buy Kramer Guitars at music123 or not... :-)

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witsandnuts said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts. :) Lalo na yung about sa mga professors.