Wednesday, February 20, 2013

reposting "the plan"

i still remember this post from another blog of mine. now that my last year as a law student is very near, i am trying to assess if i am in the right track -- well, i think i am.

re-posting this post from my blog a fea years ago...

I've had the most interesting assignment in law school. It wasn't really much an assignment, but something to think about. The class is called Legal Counseling.

The professor said that most students, when asked what they wanted, they said they want to be a lawyer. But what kind of lawyer? What field? That's too general a term. When he graduated from law school and passed the bar, he was"at a loss". He practically took the first offer that he got. He started working on receivership, reviving "dead" company. It was a job that would have him fire employees. Then, he transferred to a firm and was assigned to intellectual property. But in a big corporate firm, when you're just starting, you're practically "making coffee" for the seniors. Eventually, he floated to family law. And he fell in love with it. He said he likes drama, that's why he's enjoying family law. Kiddingly he said, I love "breaking family". His point? It took him several years before he knew what he really wanted. It isn't as easy as flipping a military challenge coin. (He also warned us, don't expect a good salary when you graduate, but it will come.) So he asked us to make a 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year plan and reflect on where we're supposed to go.

He shared what other students had said, with matching humorous remarks. He said if you want to earn big money, go to corporate law. Not much need for litigation. Lawyers in big corporate firms occupy themselves making "motion to dismiss". If you want an altruistic feeling, go to PAO. If you want action, then go to litigation.

He also shared what one of her classmates wanted, and she got it. She just wanted to be a trophy wife. =) She thought that if she's a lawyer, people won't look down on her, even if she's just a trophy wife. After years of laborious law school, she's now living a comfortable, relaxed, high-society life. Sounds like she got herself a good plan. =)

we have gone through so much "cleansing" and "filtering" through the years. pick any kind of sieves at and somehow i think we can easily pass though the holes.

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