Saturday, May 18, 2013

finding the yellow umbrella

Sometimes, I get emotional, without understanding the reason or the cause of it. And sometimes, it feels "painful", for lack of word, just knowing that one of your favorite TV series will end. I know, it's silly. But I guess my lack of attachment (rather, expression) to other people is, ironically, my excessive attachment to inanimate things, like a TV show.

I am one who really abhor spoilers. I don't even want to know how people assess the latest films, even without mentioning details. A simple, "maganda yung movie", irritates me. I want to watch every film, every show, without any expectation.

And now, I learned, through the Internet, that the next season of How I Met Your Mother (a descendant of the great Friends), will be its ninth and final season. Since 2005, the series has been showing and giving me laughs. It's almost a decade of story-telling and finding the one true love. Heck, Barney's ridiculous stories, and codes, even how to buy gold bars, and ultimately, get into a girl's pants, are never tiring. Even Robin's love life. Even Lily and Marshall's unique, made-in-heaven, relationship.

I still remember still watching everyday, even on finals week, just to catch up. I can't get enough of it. And now, it's about to end.

I still remember times when I muse about how much I love Ted Mosby, or rather, how much I want to be with someone like him. That hopeless romantic, intelligent, Star Wars geek guy, with attractive puppy eyes. I hope I get to be the girl with the yellow umbrella. He should be the ideal man. (Although I am also overly attracted to that selfish, rugged, love-stricken Damon Salvatorre, who happens to be very handsome, and very romantic in a peculiar kind of way.)

I am gonna miss How I Met when it's gone. I miss it now.

(Sadly, Dexter will also be on its last season.)

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