Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guitar mom

Like all mother-daughter relationships, we have our shares of misunderstandings and fights, from light to serious ones. Neither one backs down. I guess I got that stubbornness from you (or for having the same zodiac). It is a welcome change that, today, we have tamed down... And now, there are more understanding, giving, and laughing... And eating out!

Mommy, we have been through tough times. And there are times when you have shown your moment of weakness, but in my heart, I know that it would be just temporary. Because you are strong. And stubborn. And I got those from you.

By the way, I am so proud that you can play the guitar, and that I can't. It's your thing, and I love it!

(But can you teach me some time? I'll get an appliance lift, and move over my piano. I never loved it anyway. Guitar is cooler!)

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