Friday, August 27, 2010

lowering expectations

Every year, I wish that I could buy myself something grand for Christmas. It's sort of something to look forward to after a year of hardwork and a motivation to earn for that thing. One Christmas, I bought a 32-inch flatscreen TV, which now has a much depreciated value. Another Christmas, I bought myself a camera, after browsing through all camera reviews. After consultations with friends, I got myself a Canon digicam.

In recent years though, I haven't been able to achieve my grand wishes for myself. And though I still celebrate a nice Christmas with family, I only disappoint myself for getting myself nothing. So now, I have decided to aim for something much simpler (that foot spa machine from Watson's, prized at 1 thousand). Though it isn't as grand, at least it would make me happy, and the price won't depreciate that much. :)

And this year, I would never disappoint myself on Christmas day.

1 comment:

eks said...

wow. my christmas wish is actually a watson's franchise. :-D tingnan natin sinong mas swerte sa 'ting dalawa.