Friday, August 27, 2010

Opportunity of a Lifetime

My officemate has resigned. He will be leaving for Europe in 2 weeks. He got himself a scholarship for a year to 3 European cities in biogenetics, I think. All has been paid for by the grantor organization, except maybe for NC short term health insurance. He will also be given allowances and places to stay, which he said is enough for his stay in Europe. Well, everything is expensive in Europe, from our perspective, so to have "enough" there is probably more than one could ask for.

Our CEO does not want him to leave. He is good in this medical writing field we are in. He probably is a good doctor, if only he would practice. So, he was offered a 1-year scholarship in the States, also in a medical field. He respectfully declined the offer because he might not get the course that he wants there.

The funny thing is he still wants to be back in this office. He said he'd apply again next year once he's back in the country. I don't know what to make of it. I felt like he already has his opportunity of a lifetime, yet in his mind, this one here is his gold find.

Whatever it is, I wish him the time of his life. And for us all, I hope we also get our opportunity of a lifetime!


kg said...

we all have our own perception of "opportunity of a lifetime". his mind may be telling him that europe will bring him more opportunities, but his heart may always be here.

for me, more money, more benefits, or working in europe DOES NOT always mean better opportunity.

mordsith said...

he went there to further his studies, but then he has no plan of applying it, either here or Europe. :)