Sunday, April 1, 2012


I know I am not a fool, although I feel exactly like one. In some ways, I knew something not good will happen to me this day. It's just so dramatic, and pathetic, that today is April fools' day.

I lost two phones today, an iPhone 4s and an old Nokia phone which I've been using for years. These two phones both have values, one economic and one sentimental. And I never thought I'd lose them both at the same time.

I don't know if this happens to all people who've been victims of theft, but I am now thinking of all the things that if I had done, I wouldn't have lost my phones. For example, I shouldn't have gone to mass today, since it's been several weeks already since my last time. I mean why did I have the urge to go to church today? Second, I should have taken a taxi because I was feeling lazy to commute (I am positive it's the guy beside me in the jeepney), but jeepneys were much accessible and practical at that time and area. Third, I should have left my phones at home, as I always do when I go to church with family. There are just so many things that could have happened that could lead me out of that "wrong place, wrong time" situation, unless I was meant to be there.

Some said it's better that I did not notice that my bag was being slashed. For sure, I will fight back. Why should I not? I've taken good care of that 4s. I never laid it anywhere without a hanky or something soft to avoid scratches. Besides, stealing is just plain wrong. So they said that if I had fought for that phone, the slash would be in my body, not in my bag. Still, I could have bought an slr camera from that, or pay my house rent, or just keep my phone. That phone had been very useful in law school and in my other interests (music, books).

I am thinking of two things right now. First, maybe he badly needs the money to survive. Second, maybe I'd see him someday on news report, DEAD. I wish it's the latter.

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Kayni said...

Was your bag slashed? Is that how cruel they are these days? I'm so sorry to hear this.