Friday, April 13, 2012

summer sun

No one will contest, it's very HOT this summer! But I dare not complain, I've been looking forward to this season. This is a time to rest and to have fun. The scorching heat of the sun is just a minor setback, although it would be great if it'll be a little less hot. What the heck. At least we're more likely to lose weight due to more sweating rather than due to diet pills (which could be harmful, you know,

I received texts from friends now and then complaining of the heat, and usually, it is associated with hell. haha. I couldn't disagree. But I guess, it's a sign we should go to the beach, or even to a swimming pool, or to somewhere "cool".

Or we should just go the mall. Or to movie houses. Or to restaurants. Or to Starbucks.

The summer sun is telling me to, "hey, start enjoying the summer!"

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