Wednesday, April 4, 2012

moving on

Sometimes the movies got it right or they just get into you.

People my age, at some points in their lives, inevitably feel left alone, or left out. The idea just gets into your head that all the people around you have moved on, everyone, except you. People keep on marrying each other or just fathering children. Invitations to weddings and christenings and first birthdays become regular, and you are always the invited. Everyone's smiling faces are on Facebook. And you are just stuck waiting for "true" love.

People my age, at some points in their lives, inevitably feel a failure. Everyone has a stable career, got promoted once or twice or three times, sent here and there, and just keeps getting up the career ladder. Everyone just keeps on buying brand new cars, staying in condos, and looking ahead. In the future, these people would be worrying about spa covers, sagging skin, and where to go next, while you are just starting a new life. Everyone's resumes are on LinkedIn. And you are just stuck chasing your "dream".

But you should feel these bad vibes only at some point in your lives, not go on living life feeling bitter, and lost, and desperate. You are not stuck in a pointless life; you are pursuing something more. Someday, probably, you will also see yourselves moving on, finally moving forward.


sheng said...

Seryus? Hehehe.

onyxx said...

*sigh* i've been through this stage several times in the past. sometimes you get to the point where you begin to wonder if it's worth all the hassles just to feel you've finally achieved something "worthwhile" while the rest of the human race seems to have figured out their place in life... i remembering writing a funny/lame poem about life passing me by while i procrastinate and wait for things to happen :)