Monday, January 3, 2011

wrapping up

until next year...

How quick Christmas comes. How quick Christmas goes.

Yesterday, Santa moved to a room in the house and prepared for his long slumber until another December, together with all those red and golden balls, little reindeer, and little stars. The karaoke that played lively, loud music during the holidays now rests mute in my room. The tupperwares are now empty of spaghetti, ham, and salad. Our Christmas home is now quiet, the children running around the house are now tucked in school, while I am now miles away. The little girl in the photo will leave on a plane 7 days from now. It will be another year before all these come together again. That little girl might be 2 inches taller then.

It's a bit sad, but I would just remember how quick Christmas comes. :)

1 comment:

jeanny said...

ako rin malungkot after the holiday kasi after it birthday ko naman kasunod wuahhh....but I am blessed for another year of my life :)

Mordsith dont forget to email me you address, contact number so I can send the prize ha.

Happy New year.