Wednesday, January 12, 2011

goodbye, bamboo

Back in high school, my conservative, snobbish, but crush ng bayan friend had an eye for only one guy---Bamboo. Now a doctor, she's still a fan (though she now has a boyfriend).

So many women drool over him, probably because of his suplado countenance. Some girls my age then actually wanted to try the best diet pills for women, if only to impress Bamboo when they see him up close. He was a fad.

He was still the frontman of Rivermaya then. Eventually, he formed a new band, named after the plant (or after his name), Bamboo. I was never really a fan of that band, but admittedly, they made some good music. And it's a bit sad that they're now saying goodbye. Yes, they are.

A quote from his farewell message: We've learned that this journey is not only about us but includes all who came along for the trip. Family, friends and of course front row believers who were there for the best reason of all. To simply listen.

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eks said...

sinong sawa, sinong galit
sumigaw ngayong gabi