Wednesday, January 12, 2011

going for gold

I will attempt to run 10 kilometers. Why? Just to see if I could do it. Why? Because I'm desperate. haha.

Our school will be having a fun run for the benefit of a foundation. One of the professors invited us and promised additional points in the final grade: 1 for 1K, 3 for 5K, and 5 for 10k. And because I had a very poor, unprepared recitation in his class, not to mention he hates our section (our mistake!), I will go for 10K. No need for diet pills for women. I surely would shed pounds and beat eks in our bet!

The problem is I have never had physical exercise for years already. I am so lazy I would not walk 2 floors down, though I am terribly hungry. Neither have I the time to practice for this run---not even a day. So I guess I just have to run and go for gold, wishing my determination, and desperation, will suffice. =)


eks said...

fyi: i have black coffee in the morning (no solid food whatsoever), 1/2 banana for my lunch, and 1 slice of wheat bread at night. i do 100 push ups before and after meals, and 2 hours worth of running time every day.

o.. the bet is on!

Angeli said...

sama ako! hahhaahha

kayni said...

go mordsith!

kg said...