Saturday, July 2, 2011

all is well

I called up eks and asked, "submit ko na ba?" I was referring to my resignation letter. He said, "submit mo na." And I hit the sent button.

It took me months of mentally preparing myself of sending the e-mail. It took me a lot of rereading to make sure the letter would be received well. I don't wanna burn bridges, ika nga. And it took me one go signal from an ever-trusted friend to finally send it.

As I was hoping, I did not hear a single negative comment from my bosses in the States, considering I submitted an effective-immediately resignation. They wished me well, offered me a recommendation letter if I need it, and expressed sadness that I was leaving. I also feel sad too, but grateful that I've actually worked with compassionate bosses and a bunch of unbelievably nice people.

I know eks would always be there to help me. I trust him with my life. Pardon for being mushy here, but I am just thankful that in times of uncertainties, there are people who give you a sense of security. (Hey eks, you are that to me! wehehehe nambola pa ko... joke!) I also have friends assuring help (or alleviating my fears); I can always count on them. These past months, it seemed I always send an SOS. hehe. Thank you, thank you.

I was scared of instability. Making myself laugh, I even thought of mowing neighbor's lawns with ariens mowers, just like that of kids in the States. haha. It was a silly thought! But I guess when a door closes, another one opens. For me, doors opened for several freelance works. Unexpectedly, one by one, they materialized, just a week when I was about to resign and wasn't really looking yet. It must have been a sign to go ahead.

Of course, I still have to work, but at least I have more flexible time schedule to attend to law school. Perhaps I can even earn the same net as I have been earning. All in all, I think all is well.

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eks said...

probably that eks trusts you -- in so many ways than one -- with his life, too. :-)