Sunday, July 17, 2011

the plight of the farmers

I was talking to a parlorista yesterday who works for the parlor walking distance from my place. I grew fond of him because he's a kababayan and he's about the same age as my college cousin Ian. Also, he's very hardworking. He stays in the parlor from morning until it closes, and he's seldom absent, whereas all the other parloristas are. He's always the one to attend first to customers, though most customers always ask for him. The others slouch around in the sofa watching TV or chatting with each other, not minding the customers coming in.

Anyway, he told me their ricefield in Nueva Ecija was flooded due to the rains the past weeks. While most of us are wishing for a colder weather, I guess this seemingly outdoor firepit weather would be better for them. No more continuous heavy rains please. In Metro Manila, we worry about floods, and we should. There, they worry about their livelihood.

This parlorista's very sad, telling me he's spent so much money already for the punla. He said when he went home last week to their hometown, he visited the ricefields first, before going to their house. The tone of sadness was apparent in his voice, and the misery was apparent in his eyes.

I really felt sad for him. I know how hard he's been working. I've always empathized with the farmers, knowing personally some farmers myself. Theirs was a difficult life. They only earn seasonally, with a whole year of hard work. Their problem is not only money, even the weather too. It's force majeure. I have always yearned to help them, even for just a little. Maybe in time, I can.


e[k]stranghero said...

"Maybe in time, I can."

yes, you can... :-)

docgelo said...

it is only when we lend an ear to someone that we can empathize and sympathize with them.

you've been a good person to that parlorista when you listened to his concern about their crops and the plight of their rice field. i therefore conclude (parang laboratory experiment lang!) that you can do more to a real friend, more so to a family member.

bow ako! :)