Friday, June 15, 2012

everyone dies

It was superb. Nothing more I could expect from him.

I just watched the last episode of the last season of House. I deferred watching it for months, knowing that this season would be the last. I guess I really have problems with goodbyes. But sooner or later, I know I have to face it, you know, "the end." What would be more fitting than to watch it with the person I have started watching it with. Thanks, eks.

I know it's just television, but this is how I am -- I get attached a little too much.

The ending left me in awe. The series has had its ups and downs, the first was definitely great, one or two seasons were so-so, but the last season (especially the last 5 episodes) was a minefield of emotions! And all throughout, House (the doctor) was never a disappointment. An interesting character, a great actor.  Gregory House was a genius doctor, a prankster, a selfish ass who would steal workers compensation insurance when he feels like it, logical to a fault, brutally frank, a pain in the ass, sarcastic, egotistic, and lost.  I have watched the series not only for its storyline, but mostly for House's clever retorts and humorous insults. His points of view were unique but quite true, most notable of which is that "everybody lies." He may be so many "bad" things, but he was never boring.

Looking back, the whole House was a person's journey to life -- or to what is life. And in the end, you just have to accept, everyone dies*.

*The very last episode's title.


Grace de Castro said...

namatay si house????

eks said...

emosyunal si kapatid na dex. hehehe. sana magkaroon ng isang movie sa adventure nila ni wilson! tipong shaman or village doctor si house. hehehe.

mordsith said...

grace, ewan natin.... haha. :)