Sunday, June 3, 2012


My family has always teased me as pambato. You'd think I am like the superstar of the family in academics or in sports or in beauty contests. Well, I'm not. I am just their best bet in eat-all-you-can restaurants. haha.

And indeed, I could eat for hours. In Yakimix, my family's and my friend's favorite buffet restaurant, I have already mastered the art of eating a lot. I think I have discovered what to eat first and what to eat last. I knew which food I should not eat, so that I would not feel full already.

Even in fiestas, I can be at my "best", only it's a little more embarassing to consume all the food in the table, especially when I look familiar to people. haha. From afternoon until the globe string lights are on at night, I could keep my mouth busy and full. =)

One time, when I with my parents and eks ate at the same resto, eks and I ate for three hours (right, eks?). The table beside ours has had three batches of customers already, and we were still pigging out!

I actually do not know how much maki, Korean beef, and ice cream I can take. At least i know it's A LOT. It's supposed to be embarassing for a lady to be called pambato at this kind of game. But I am proud of it. I think it's really a talent. =)

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e[k]stranghero said...

you ate much, really much. and if remember it correctly, you were not feeling well then... now, that says a lot! :-D