Sunday, June 3, 2012

life changing

I haven't seen my high school barkada for a few years now (and I haven't seen my college friends for a long time, too) until this week. So, if there would be any change in their personalities, I would notice.

As I have expected, and wanted, nothing much has changed. It was like we were still in high school once again, just with more pounds and rounded bellies. Well, I guess the topic our conversations changed a little, but we were still talking about music, comics, and books, and I kept on asking about gadgets (being tech-dumb!) and motion sound amplifiers for sale. It made me wonder if it's true what they say that people change.

I guess not. At least not at the surface. Or maybe, at least not in its core. I guess people would develop a keener understanding of life, and love, as they grow old, but the funny ones remain funny, the witty ones remain witty, and the gloomy ones remain gloomy. I guess it takes more than growing old to change attitudes and more than a few common problems to switch "modes". It has to be something life-changing or a life (continously) changing.

Now, I ask myself, have I changed?

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