Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haggardo Versoza

That should be my name now.

I guess most of us have our hands full of so many different things. Children. Work. And for me, mostly books and cases (and work). I still could not believe I have made it to fourth year. I guess ora et labora has its miracles. I certainly hope it will still work this, hopefully, last year of law school.

I won't complain anymore of lack of time. I wanted to take on these things (by the way, I also joined our school's legal aid bureau and we'll be handling actual cases), so I guess I just have to make do. Gadgets could really help in my day-to-day activities, especially a tablet with flash, but I don't have that so I'll manage with my pen and old notebook. I guess that is the message to you, friends: WE WILL MANAGE!

And from time to time, find something to laugh about,. Like the title of this post. Gotta log off now coz it's time to meet Stress Drilon. =)


Grace de Castro said...

ikaw ba nagsulat nito? parang hindi ikaw!

hindi bagay sayo, soon to be attorney! haha!

docgelo said...

find time to relax, attorney!
bisita ka sa blog ko, baka made-stress ka! :)

ps : nangiti ako sa haggardo versoza at stress drilon. :p