Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Business As Usual

A day after typhoon Bashang hit Manila, I went to work. I was lucky to have water, when some neighborhoods in our area lost both water supply and electricity. I only lost electricity and celphone signal.

Our company here in the Philippines is composed of a small group of people, more than half of whom last Wednesday were absent. Water supply was the primary reason, and one was because a neighbor's roof fell on theirs. Makati was a quiet place. And there were still traces of the storm that just passed. The city was powered only by generators, and the underpass was devoid of light, at least the makukulit people insisting on orienting you to something or to some apidexin scam were not there, though because the underpass was so dark, even at daytime, I feared for thieves or others who would take advantage.

Despite of these power failures and the mess that the storm left, I found it fascinating that Makati was business as usual. Probably, this area had correct planning and sufficient securities and measures in case of natural disasters, and well, probably, they'd be ready for anything. I hope the whole country is as well.

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