Friday, July 9, 2010

like a practical joke

I have the heaviest school schedule on Thursdays. My class is straight from 530 to 930 pm. I have two minor subjects and one minor subject that feels like a major one also. Also, the present dean and the past dean are two of my professors. They're both very good, but of course, they have high expectations!

I was on deck (meaning I might be called on recitations) on the two major subjects. However, I find Negotiable Instruments Law hard to digest (all about checks and promissory notes), and it puts a lot of stress on me, evident by my aggravated need for hair loss cure and pimple treatment. Anyway, the whole day was spent studying that subject. Of course, I wasn't able to read anything on the other two, Sales and Public Corporations.

So Dean Sundiang of Nego was the first class. I was preparing myself to be called. I thought to myself, I prepared for this, so maybe somehow I can answer his questions. What do you know? I wasn't called. Dean Jara (present dean), the professor of Sales, however, called me. I was on recitation for like, forever (30 minutes actually). He asks the most thought-provoking questions that it's hard even if you read the book. What more if you hadn't? Well, my whole recitation was based on guesses and last-minute readings, and it's a good thing he was somehow guiding me to the answers, though I'm not sure if I got his hints correctly. haha.

When I sat down, I could only shake my head and laugh of how ironic the day I was. I prepared for one subject, I wasn't called. I never read a thing in the other, I was called. It was like a practical joke. Lesson of the story: read all or read none at all. ;)

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