Monday, July 5, 2010

In Santa Monica

In Santa Monica, in the winter time,
The lazy streets so undemanding
I walk into the crowd
In Santa, Monica, you get your coffee from
The coolest places on the promenade
Where the people dress just so
Beauty so unavoidable, everywhere you turn
It's there
I sit and wonder what am
I doing here?

I know why. I wanted to see the beach. At least what a beach looks like in another country. So my friend took me here:

It was a very cold (at least to me) and windy day. So though we went there about noon and the sun was still up, I was still chilling. What I find amazing is just about a few meters away is a busy road and a few meters more are the normal commercial city. We went ahead to the road sloping downward to check the area. There weren't too many people, and there weren't any resort! haha. But there were park rides (see middle, top of picture):

I was glad to see that some people were also wearing jackets. I thought I was the only silly person who's having a hard time with the cold. There were a few of us. Thank goodness there was Coffee Bean down that slope, so my friend and I took a cup each and sat outside the store, enjoying watching the almost undisturbed beach and the shine of the sun.

But these were what actually caught my fascination:

It was wonderful that these birds weren't flying away when people were just arm's length away from them. And some were majestic when their wings were spread out and they were just gliding in the air.

After coffee, my friend and I walked in the sand. It wasn't as beautiful as what we have here. But at least, this beach is just a few minutes away from the city. I hope we have one like that here, if only Manila Bay is clean. I wondered how cold the water is, having an illusion of swimming, or if they also have variety of fishes with colorful scales. But my illusions were abruptly stopped when my friend told me that in certain areas, there are sharks!!! No way, I will never swim in there. ever. haha.

Here's my friend emoting in the beach...

But with the sudden rush of the tide...

haha. =)


witsandnuts said...

I want to see your photo by the beach. :)

kg said...

so how were their beaches? papasa ba sa atin? :)

kayni said...

nice beach photos. i so want to go to the beach these days - heat and humidity is killing me.