Friday, July 9, 2010

The Famous Stars I've Met

At least the shapes of their hands and feet.

After Beverly Hills, we proceeded to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They said it looks better at night. The street was full of lights, and there were many people. Some were tourists, some were locals, some were offering tours, and some were distributing pamphlets of body building supplement reviews or city tours.

I saw those family in Springfield that I love a lot and that duck friend of Mickey Mouse...

and some great actors...

and I was happy to see that this young actor was already in the same area among those big US stars... did he magically make his way there?

We missed the world premiere of Iron Man 2 earlier that evening (as if I can go!), but I felt somehow excited that Tony Sparks and Pepper Potts were just there, though I only got to see the crew packing up.

Anyway, as it was tiring day, we treated ourselves to a sumptuous Japanese dinner...


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