Friday, July 9, 2010

my new ability

I like this new skill I have developed: sleep fast.

Before law school, I find it hard to sleep. It's either I cannot sleep for hours or have a light sleep.
Dad also has insomnia; doctors even prescribe him high-dose sleeping pills, which he does not take and which I want to take from him. haha. But now, in every chance I get, I sleep. And I just can. :)

At home, whenever I move to another subject or even to just another chapter, I rest by sleeping for 10 minutes. A minute after closing my eyes, I already doze off. And I'm not kidding, I sometimes have dreams in that 10 minutes. In buses, whenever a friend's with me, I sleep and sometimes, this is a bit embarrassing, with my mouth open. Ewww! :D

I wish I could also sleep just about anywhere, like him!

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