Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baby boom!

baby boom - a marked rise in birthrate (as in the United States immediately following the end of World War II)

And as in the end of World War II, our section in law school is also having a baby boom! Perhaps it just feels odd because we're still in school, but when you think about it, a person who already graduated, according to our old customs, can already start a family. Haven't we heard, "makatapos ka lang ng pag-aaral, pwede ka ng mag-asawa!" so many times from parents?

This semester, there are two preggies (one of whom just gave birth last week) and one whose girlfriend is pregnant (who gave birth yesterday!). So we have three would-be parents this semester. I admire them for still continuing law school despite the pregnancy, especially the two girls. I know there are months that are most difficult for them, and yet they have surpassed all that while dealing with the stress of law school. On top of our law books, they were reading top 10 prenatal vitamins and child-rearing books. They were preparing for their coming baby and going on checkups and such. Ang galing nila! Besides, they look glowing. =)

This baby boom in our class enlightens all our mood. Whenever we talk about the coming babies, we all get excited, especially when talking about baby names! Next semester, we'd be talking about their toddlers. =)

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