Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sumptuous lunch

Wuhoo! It's our company's second-year anniversary, and because of that, the boss' is treating us at an Italitan restaurant here in Makati...this lunch! =)

It is actually the first time that the company I am working for is treating me to a fine dining. In my old company, the copy editing department had been treated for a box of pizza after accomplishing a tremendous workload, and well, it actually came from Sir B's and Sir P's pockets, NOT from the company.

Oh, well. There lies the beauty of a small company. Of course, the big ones also have their perks, but for now, I enjoy the intimacy and the delicacy that come with my office now. =) I am planning to eat a lot, totally disregarding my already bulging tummy and the best fat burning exercises my friends insist on me. It's so happy eating!

I have one problem though. I couldn't understand the menu! har har har!


eks said...

happy second anniversary! nice. saan kayo kumain? and what did you have for your lunch? (hindi mo rin maalala ang pangalan ng food? hehehe.)

kayni said...

sounds good. happy mangia!