Wednesday, September 15, 2010

conversation piece

Last weekend, I was talking to a girl 4 years younger than I am. She is pregnant.

We aren't really that close, so we had nothing much to talk about. I only knew her recently through his boyfriend, who is my friend. The two of them attended my grandmother's birthday party. At around 11 p.m., I noticed that she's already sleepy, so I looked for her boyfriend to tell him that she seemed already bored and that maybe he should take her home. As he was still discussing something with my cousin, he told me, "chikahin mo muna."

So I went back to our table and started asking about her pregnancy. I realized it was kinda weird that we were talking about pregnancy when all I could really tell her were hearsays and stories from others. On the other hand, of course, she was talking from experience. It was a rather serious talk, not like the usual showbiz chikas, Black Friday collections, or the latest events in our friends' lives. She was talking about "mommyhood," while I was talking about, well, "tita-hood".

It's not that I already want to have a kid of my own. I am far from being ready for that and now isn't really a good time to have one. I guess it's just that more and more people I know are starting their own families, even this girl 4 years younger than I am. Conversations have been changing, and I wonder if there would come a time that I could no longer relate.


eks said...

"...if there would come a time that I could no longer relate."

IF that time comes, we can talk about vampires. and mutants. and my man-crush -- jack bauer. :-)

NCIS, too.

kg said...

pwede ka din bumalik sa ofis, tutal di tayo nauubusan ng pagkwekwentuham!

Angeli said...

i'm older than you, and i'm not ready either. and i don't think i'd ever be. :)

Anonymous said...

can always ask about whatever that thing is so you can relate right? i am so with you with the not not pregnancy thing, haha!

Jeanny said...

well we could always talk about things that will interest you, promise I wont be bored. :)

Happy weekend!