Wednesday, October 27, 2010

everybody knows her

Yesterday, Lola and I went to the 2nd floor of the public market. It was my first time to go there after so many years. She insisted that we have our nails cleaned (pedicure and manicure). Neneng, the one who comes to the house to do home service, already moved some place far, so we really have to go there---to her suki.

Even before we get to the small parlor, everyone in the market is greeting her, calling her Nanay or Lola. It seemed that every tindero't tindera there know her, and she knows every one of them. When we reached the parlor, the front was already closed. Lola said to the woman in the parlor beside it, "Aba, ang agang nagsara ng matandang to ah!" It turned out, that woman was her suki's sister, and after a minute, her suki appeared. She and her daughters had to go to Bulacan, that's why they're closing early. But since Lola was a dear friend, they still accommodated me. I sat in their rustic furniture, my nails were cleaned and polished in no time.

All the time that we were there, Lola was exchanging conversations with the owner (her suki) and her daughters. It seemed they go a long way back, and Lola knows the life story of her suki's every daughter, and well, it seemed all of us her grandkids were familiar to them through her stories. They talked of people I never even heard the names of and experiences I never really knew happened. She seemed to really be the people's person.

And the best part is, she always gets discounts. :)

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eks said...

i know a person who cannot walk one meter or so from where he is without being talked to or greeted by other people/coworkers/friends. (and he was 'hated' bu his closest friends (his lunch/yosi buddies) because it usually takes him 30 minutes or so to get to a place (say, canteen) usually 'walkable' in less than 5 minutes.

some people are just born, well, people person. :-D

(hello, lola!)