Wednesday, October 20, 2010

read and rest

The semester is finally over.

I have a 2-week break from school. Even before the semester started, I have already plans of how to spend the short break: reading the Anne Rice book I bought last summer (instead of apidexin reviews), watching DVDs, and spending time with my little cousins. If I can, I'd like to spend time in a place like this one:

This picture was taken last summer. On our way to Arizona from Las Vegas, we chanced upon this serene place. I think this was a conservation park, and they only charge about 10 dollars for each car, regardless of how many you are. The flowing water is part of the Colorado River, and it's actually clear. There were a a number of people around when we arrived to take our lunch ala picnic, and most of them came in families. There were some couples, and some even brought their jet-ski's with them. I even saw a couple playing catch with their dog. Because there were just a few people, the whole place remained peaceful.

This picture is one of my typical drawings since childhood. My favorite drawing is a mountain with a river at the bottom and a green land beside the water, with the clear blue skies as the background and a round yellow sun. Of course, there's always that big tree where I could just lay down, read and rest.


Angeli said...

read and rest. sounds like a great plan.

eks said...

pareho tayo ng drawing. pero may bahay kubo yung sa akin.

/| |\

at aminin mo, A for the effort ang post na ito. may drawing pa! :-D

docgelo said...

you know what, i also used to doodle exactly the same scene on paper with crayons...

and yes, we all need to pause and smell the roses sometimes.
enjoy your break! =)