Monday, October 4, 2010

the end of another chapter

The most difficult part of the semester -- the finals week -- will start next week. It would have been this week if not for the gruesome, despicable blast during the salubong, injuring many of our school's students.

As all regular students, I am yet to be prepared for this. The periodic rains the past weeks have thrown me into a rather gloomy mood, losing drive for pretty much everything. I rarely go to class the past 3 weeks, so I missed out A LOT. I need to catch up double time lest I'd be dead, and how to get rid of acne would be the least of my concerns.

But I have been looking forward to this. I can't wait for this semester to be over, hopefully, wonderfully over. I can't wait to start another semester, and another, and another. The lingering uncertainty still lies whether I could still continue law school this semester, with ALL things factored in. Even if I couldn't, this semester has been a damn hard, but good one. I have a lineup of powerhouse professors, including two deans, and I have met pretty good new classmates. Again, even if I couldn't continue next semester, I am happy I was able to fight for this one.

Thanks to my prayer warriors kg and PJVP. To eks for his unfaltering support, in every sense of the word. To lola, for everything. As always, you people are the best.

I need your prayers and support again for the coming finals! =)


kg said...

bilis naman ng panahon!

good luck mrdsith! kayang kaya mo yan! and yes, i will pay for you!

docgelo said...

all the best on your law schooling!
good luck and God bless you on your exams and other endeavors!
just look forward for the sem break, take a breather from all those book and stuffs. have faith, you'll get through it eventually. =)

Angeli said...

isa ka sa mga naisip ko when i first heard about the blast. i'm glad you are okay, mordsith.

kayni said...

my prayers for you. you can do it :)