Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fire in the Hole!

It's still months away from vacation but I really am excited to do some adventures. The story below is one adventure I had during my vacation last year. I just hope I'd have more time to do more adventures again this vacation.

The story below was posted in my other blog around April 15 of last year.


Last Easter Sunday, I was very lucky. I woke up at 10 am from the sound of a text message, which read: Gusto mong magswimming at mag-firing? I replied and asked if I could bring the kids with me as they were staying with me for the holidays. My friend said yes, and the best part, everything’s free! =)

The kids and I lost no time preparing, and about lunch time, we were already at Fort Magsaysay. It was my first time there (it’s ridiculous since it’s just 30 minutes away from our house), and I was surprised how tranquil and beautiful the place is. Even the cabin decor looks orderly. It felt like I was in Camp John Hay. I’ve always loved the water, but I was most excited about what will come next: firing!

At about 5 pm, we left the pool and proceeded for the firing range. I’ve tried firing a gun before, but not in a real firing range and not these kinds of gun.

We could also fire handguns in the firing range, but no one really wanted to use them. We all wanted to try the long ones, the automatic machine guns. One is the M4 gun again, and the other one below

MP5 equipped with a silencer

Thank goodness that this firing was a treat from a friend. A bullet of M3 costs around P80 each (because they say it’s armor-piercing!), equivalent to two value meals haha! One round consists of I think 10 bullets.

I remember the days when I really wanted to be a PMAer and the days when my cousins and I play soldiers. Just as I thought, firing rifles is a great experience, especially when you are not firing at people haha.

And the good thing here is that you won't even need Spenco protectors for this kind of activity.

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