Saturday, January 12, 2013

smoking ban + sin tax bill

A year ago, I made this post at With the passage of the new Sin Tax Bill, I wonder if students and others would even be as 'determined' to buy cigarette.


The MMDA’s campaign against smoking in public seems working a bit. I’m guilty for prejudging that it wouldn’t work at all. There are still a few students in nursing uniforms hiding near a smelly creek to smoke. The urge must have been that overwhelming to welcome that water’s stink. haha. Still, the number of smokers in our school’s area has largely diminished. There are still cigarette vendors, but they’re now hiding their merchandise. Reminds me when I use to buy methamphetamine. Joke!!!

Kudos to Mayor Lim for effectively scaring people of imprisonment or a 500-peso fine. I haven’t seen an MMDA or a police officer confront a smoker yet, though their presence is a warning already. They just have to sit outside the police outpost near the school.

There’s one thing though: the anti-smoking campaign works on weekdays only. On weekends, the university belt again is one big pugon. haha.

I just hope travel camps for teens are not 'plagued' with determined smokers... at least while they are still in their teens. :-)

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