Sunday, January 27, 2013

looking forward to summer

In relation to an earlier post, below is a list of things I wanted to accomplish come vacation time. (Am I really that excited?) I posted this in another blog as well -- and I thought posting it here would give a different result than last year. Hehehe.

  • play tennis regularly
  • meet up with my friends
  • watch all the movies I missed
  • attend parties
  • read my friends’ blogs
  • read Gaiman’s books
  • finish reading all the eBooks I downloaded (starting with Count of Monte Cristo)
  • go to Baler and learn how to surf
  • go to one other beach
  • go to Divisoria
  • organize, finally, pictures in my laptop
  • have some pictures printed and displayed
  • arrange my iTunes and upload all the songs in my phone
  • buy leather casing and Iphone accessories, ink for my printer, and wifi router
  • organize my messy rooms (and I probably need a metal shelving or cabinet for some of my stuff)
  • treat myself to a foot spa
  • grow my hair long (and have it curled when long enough)
  • as much as i can, enjoy this summer!

Good luck to me. :-D

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