Wednesday, January 2, 2013

happy new year!

i have always been mordsith's go-to guy whenever she cannot attend to updating her blog. like now. :-) i usually make the not-so-interesting topics so, even if i don't have a "signature" in my post, you'll know it was me who wrote the post. (at the moment, in fact, i was thinking of writing how a citizen watches or should watch his or her income so proper taxes can be filed, how the government (read: noynoy's administration) should not be too arrogant on how they run things, or perhaps how the crowd should be allowed to rule instead of a chosen/elected few.

but let's do that later. for now, let me just greet all of you a happy, happy 2013!!!

with love (hehehe),


Kayni said...

Happy New Year!

docgelo said...

happy new year, eks and mordsith!