Monday, April 29, 2013

a knock on your door

A post from my now-inactive blog:

Sometimes, things just happen. Or maybe things are bound to happen. I guess the most pleasant experience of all is when something good happens, when that thing never even crossed your mind. A pleasant surprise, is that what they call it? But what do you do with it? What happens next will determine if serendipity does exist.

Sometimes you are just talking to someone, then you just realize, after all these years, that you are in love. Magic. Then again, sometimes you've been with a person for years already, happy and all, then when you wake up, you've already lost your feelings in your sleep. Tragic. At least you had been happy.

A man is sitting in his porch, watching the seabirds, and finally realizing he has wasted his entire life. I guess he should have listened to what the universe has been telling him: carpe diem.

And indeed, we should stop hiding from our turnout blankets or anything that we use to cover ourselves. There's only one thing to do: carpe diem!

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